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First and only FDA cleared, therapeutic silk-like linens proven to prevent skin breakdown and pressure injuries.

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DermaTherapy® Theraputic Linens are the industry’s first and only FDA cleared, evidence-based therapeutic silk-like linens proven to prevent skin breakdown and pressure injuries. Request a sample and discover how DermaTherapy® can help your patients.

Prevent Pressure Injuries and Improve Patient Outcomes

Prevent pressure injuries and improve patient outcomes with our Fitted Sheet and Underpad. Together, these two items provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces incidence of skin breakdown/pressure injuries and associated costs
  • Minimizes friction between the fitted sheet and underpad, providing easier patient positioning and less back strain on clinicians
  • Reduces bioburden, a potential source of infection, with a built-in antimicrobial and virtually lint-free fabric
  • Amplifies the clinical performance and outcomes achieved with specialty mattresses
  • Improves treatment for existing skin issues by optimizing the microclimate surrounding the patient
  • Provides reusable solution for moisture management and incontinence care, significantly reducing the waste associated with disposable underpads

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